Sunday, May 1, 2011

They Draw and Travel - San Sebastian, Spain

Nate and Salli over at They Draw and Cook have expanded their brilliance to a new website called They Draw and Travel where artists illustrate maps of cities that they love. Basically the idea is to illustrate the must see and must do places of a city...

Go check out my illustration for San Sebastian, Spain as well as some amazing illustrations submitted by others.

I have enlarged some aspects of my "map" below so that you can better see the detail.


  1. Unfreakingbelievable.

  2. you are SO talented ... that is all :)

  3. I so love it!
    I've seen already all your works at this blog and they are so inspiring!:)))!
    big kisses from Valencia.
    keep it like this girl!

  4. Kristin, you continue to blow me away with your crazy talent. This is simply amazing.

  5. Thank you everyone. I really appreciate your comments!!