Saturday, October 13, 2012

E is for Excedrin, and...

I am not a big taker-of-medicine, but when I have a killer headache, I take these little magical pills. Today I was inspired to draw the little green bottle since it saved my Friday at work by eliminating my raging headache. And no, unfortunately I am not being paid by the makers of Excedrin for this endorsement.

After painting the bottle, I decided to give myself a challenge*. What else could I find in my house that starts with "E", illustrate with pen, and paint all in less than 20 minutes (no pencil or starting over allowed). I actually had a hard time finding things that started with "E", but enjoyed the exercise so might try to make this a Saturday ritual.
*the illustrate-by-letter-in-home scavenger hunt was not my idea but a suggestion from a friend/mentor a few years ago).