Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snapshot of Spain - Tres

So, these are actually snapshots of France. We went across the border to Biarritz, France for an evening. I loved the food, architecture and storefronts in this town - so different than Spain...

We took a walk on the beach one morning and there was this lady in her 70's in a one-piece swimsuit/shorts ensemble. She simply stood there with here feet invisible, firmly planted in the sand. She just stood, watching the waves, completely fulfilled and happy to just be in the moment. It reminded me to do the same.

The waves were enormous where we stayed and there were huge hydrangeas everywhere! It all made for a beautiful environment both sound and sight. 


  1. LOVE this! Your watercolor and words put me there instantly. I wish i were there now and not this lovely cubicle! ; )

  2. would love to see all of your Spain/France pics and can't wait to see what other pics will inspire a watercolor or 10!

  3. Anonymous - What a compliment! Me too. Everyday : )

    Gretchen - I cannot believe I have not shown you the pics yet! Next time...

    Katarzyna - Thank you so much!!

  4. I think you should have a picture viewing party... I want to see them, too!

    Love the moment you captured on the beach. Makes me wish there were a beach nearby! Beautifully done as always!

  5. I want to be her (not 70 yet)...but live in the moment...and inspire others to do the same. Niiiiiice!