Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Simple & Easy Hummus

So Michelle over at culinography told me about this great website called They Draw and Cook.

I illustrated and submitted this recipe for Simple & Easy Hummus back in November. We make this hummus just about every week and it is such a nice snack to have in the fridge.

I hope that it will be featured on their site, but It wouldn't post until next year because the entire month of December they are having a holiday recipe contest. Judges vote on their favorite illustration/recipe which is then posted to the Food Network Blog (The FN Dish). Each day, Salli and Nate at TDAC also post additional holiday submissions that they like to their website.

I illustrated a holiday recipe and submitted it to TDAC for the contest, so we will see if it is featured this month...


  1. love this - you should really consider selling these as prints ... I would buy one or several!

  2. Not only is this an awesome illustration, it's an amazing recipe! Thanks for the shout out! :)